Unfortunately, our planned speaker for Tuesday May 8 has had to cancel his trip. The seminar ‘From Hedonism to the Symptom: The Destiny of Lust’ with Aaron Schuster is therefore cancelled. We apologise for the disappointment.

We will be back next month with Derek Hook on June 29. Details will be posted here shortly.


What is a Cartel? – Reading Groups and How to Get Involved

A cartel can be defined as ‘any group of Lacanians who come together to study a text’ (Gallagher: 2010: 17). It is a formation integral to the process of making sense of Lacan’s texts, or any other psychoanalytic text or topic, and can be joined by anyone with an interest in Lacanian theory. Keep reading to find out what it is and how you can get involved in one.

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Event: Screening & Discussion of ‘Fifteen Million Merits’

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Join us at the Banshee Labyrinth for a screening of the Black Mirror episode “Fifteen Million Merits”, followed by a discussion of possible connections with Lacanian psychoanalytic theory – exploring notions of escapism, sexuality, and capitalism as depicted in this episode.

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Event: Lacan, Joyce and Discourse

Lacan, Joyce and Discourse

Panel Presentation with Daniel Bristow, Raul Moncayo & Calum Neill

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This panel will take the form of presentations which will bring into conversation the writing of James Joyce and the thinking of Jacques Lacan in a manner which pushes us to question the ways each can be used to elucidate the other

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Event: ‘Into the Wild’: A Lacanian Reading

‘Into the Wild’:
A Lacanian Reading

with Derek Hook, Michael Miller, Calum Neill

Friday 10th of March, 13:00 – 15:00

Edinburg Napier University
Sighthill Campus
Room 2D13

FREE and open to all


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The tragic story of Christopher McCandless’s 1992 expedition into the Alaskan wilderness captured the imagination of many as it was told by Sean Penn’s film Into the Wild. The young McCandless turned his back on a prosperous middle class life, breaking with friends and family, took on a new name, and pursued a solitary life in the hope of a purer existence. He came to be considered a hero by some, a disturbed loner by others.

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