The dates for the conference will be confirmed once the travel and social restrictions are clearer. The deadline for the submission of abstracts will also be confirmed later.

Lacan’s Écrits Conference
Edinburgh Napier University, Edinburgh, Scotland
Hosted by Lacan in Scotland

2020 sees the publication of the third volume of our guide to reading Jacques Lacan’s Écrits. To mark this event, we will be hosting the third Écrits conference in Edinburgh. This follows highly successful conferences in Ghent in 2018 and Pittsburgh in 2019. You are cordially invited to join us for part three.

Call for Papers

All papers should take as their core focus a single écrit. This may be supplemented by readings of other écrits,  seminars or the work of other writers, but the core focus should be clear in the abstract and presentation. Submissions focusing on écrits not collected in the Écrits (i.e. works from Autres Écrits, uncollected or untranslated works) are especially welcome.

Papers should follow one of two modes; close readings or applications. The latter may include applications of Lacan’s ideas to other fields, contemporary issues or clinical material. Papers may, of course, combine close reading with applications.

All presenters will be allocated 15 minutes in which to present. This translates as approximately 2000 words. Presenters are encouraged to talk to, rather than read to, their audience.

Submission of Abstracts

Abstracts should be around 400 and no more than 500 words long. The abstract should make explicit the points you will discuss, as well as providing an overview of your overall line of argument.The first page of your submission should include your full name, the paper title, your institutional affiliation, your email address and a short biography which may be used to introduce you at the conference. The second page of the submission should include only the paper title and the abstract. The paper title on both pages must be identical. Find a template for submission on our website.Panel submissions are welcome. A panel submission should contain, as a first page, the panel title, the name of the panel chair, the names of all panelists, all individual papers titles and an overview of the panel theme/aims. This should be followed by the individual submissions in the format above for individual papers. Find a template for submission on our website.All submissions will be blind peer reviewed.


Please send your proposals to: – mentioning either ‘Paper Proposal 2020 Lacan Ecrits Conference’ or ‘Panel Proposal 2019 Lacan Ecrits Conference’ in the subject box.

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