The Palgrave Lacan Series

The Palgrave Lacan Series is a book series for new work written in the Lacanian field, edited by Calum Neill (Edinburgh Napier University, UK) and Derek Hook (Duquesne University, Pittsburgh, USA). This book series promises new, insightful contributions to the field. One book was released last year, one is due to be released this month, another in April (see below) and more on the way later in the year by authors such as Dany Nobus and Adrian Johnston.

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Getting Started with Lacanian Theory

Becoming familiar with Lacan’s thoughts can be like a maze if you don’t know where to look. To go straight to Lacan’s work, without the complement of secondary resources to make a bit sense of it all, is a brave and difficult endeavour. There are of course many books out there so I thought I would share some of the references which have been of great help to me at the start of my ‘journey’, and some of which still are, and that I know other people around me have also benefitted from. Here is my list of suggestive starting points:

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Welcome to our blog

Welcome to Lacan in Scotland!

Lacan in Scotland aims to flag research activities and events taking place in Scotland on Lacanian theory as well as related topics such as psychoanalytic theory and practice, and discourse theory.

This site is for those interested in Lacan and related theories, aiming to increase the presence and knowledge of Lacanian theory in Scotland/north of England, and make it easier to engage in his work by bringing together those involved in it as well as those wishing to become familiar with it.

Keep an eye out on this website for regular posts, and don’t forget to follow us on twitter @Lacaninscotland where we’ll keep you updated about the activity on the page plus more stuff!

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